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Our key answers

  • Because you lack the time to do the search yourself.
  • Because real estate is more and more expensive and that makes decisions on any transaction all the more stressful for buyers.
  • Because the market has few offers but very many potential buyers, which means that impeccable properties at market price sell too fast to have the possibility of positioning them selves!
  • Because the multiplicity of sales networks makes the task difficult: wide variety of supply sources: Internet, agencies, press, notaries, auctions, networks of individuals, etc.
  • Because real estate agents are often on the side of the sellers, who are rare while potential buyers are numerous and very "demanding", it is necessary to defend the buyer's interests the same way with our services. Agents help sellers sell while we help you buy. -Because we are looking for a very specific or rare type of property.
  • Because since professional mobility has increased, it has become necessary for the family who must follow to be accompanied to facilitate these sometimes difficult changes.
  • Because from a distance (abroad or from a province), buying or selling a property is almost impossible to manage alone.

This is often the first question you ask us, and it is perfectly legitimate given the sums involved. However, considering that the costs or commissions are added does not correspond to reality. The Clés en Main activity offers a dedicated service to buyers to find their place to live, while real estate agencies are mandated by sellers to market a property.

The seller remunerates the agency he has appointed to sell their property.

You, the buyer, pay Clés en Main to search for and find this unique property.

What is the agency commission?

This is the price that the seller is willing to pay to manage the sale of their property. If we buy a property that happens to be in an agency, the commission of this agency is therefore the responsibility of the seller because it is the seller who has mandated it to sell. (Technically, at the time of signing, this commission is often paid by the buyer in order to reduce notary fees based on the "real estate" price, but it remains the responsibility of the seller). The sale price of a property in an agency includes this seller's commission in the final sale price. The agency does not add its commission to the market price over which it has no power. As soon as a seller appoints an agency, they accept in fact to receive less for their sale than if they had sold it by their own means. In effect, the properties sold by agencies are not more expensive than those offered by individuals. And if, as is sometimes the case, the same seller sells both directly and through an agency, then of course we will be able to negotiate on the basis of the direct price.

What do the Clés en Main fees cover?

  • The expertise to find this unique place to live according to your needs.
  • A professional guarantee to buy at the most advantageous price.

Whether you go through an agency or directly through an individual, only one thing counts for Clés en Main:

  • buy a product that is well placed in terms of market price at the time of the transaction, i.e. at the market price or a little below, all costs included
  • validate that the value of the property is equal to or greater than its purchase price
  • validate a price/m2 paid consistent with your criteria
  • guarantee a good resale value. As professionals, we have always succeeded in this goal. Also, our commission is identical regardless of the method used (notary, agency or individual); it is another way of guaranteeing you our total objectivity in relation to the various sales networks.

Of course. We can handle any type of real estate purchase. Our mission will always be to carry out the search by really putting ourselves in your place, and to accompany you as well as possible throughout your purchase process and in all the steps that follow the sales agreement.

Yes, if:

  • you have plenty of time to buy it by yourself
  • you live 5 minutes from the neighborhood where you plan to live
  • you have a very good knowledge of the market and prices
  • and, finally, you have good negotiation skills!

No, in all other cases!

Clés en Main, in addition to time savings and the many services offered, also most often allows our buyers to save money.

Taking your search mandate means that we are working full-time for 3 months in a specific sector, on a permanent watch on everything that is sold and bought that matches your criteria. Thus, we achieve a very high reactivity and a high negotiation capacity, supported by specific examples of the most recent transactions.

The experience of this job also allows us not to fall into the classic traps of real estate agents to raise prices or keep them in a high range, and conversely to know how to use certain techniques to bring down certain overvalued properties in line with the market. Finally, the fact of being professional, assessing the property at a distance and less attached than the buyer, allows us to remain firmer in a somewhat difficult negotiation.

In addition, when we go through individuals, we do a real negotiation job by understanding the interests and the psychology of the seller. In all cases, our fees are only 3.5% including tax, instead of the 5% charged by real estate agencies.

Of course. We can handle any type of real estate purchase. Our mission will always be to carry out the search by really putting ourselves in your place, and to accompany you as well as possible throughout your purchasing process and in all the steps that follow the sales agreement.

Absolutely. Like real estate agents, we are subject to the same rules and the same laws that protect our clients. The hoguet law No. 70-9 of january 2 1970 defines our activity as that of any intermediary in a real estate transaction. As such, Clés en Main is holder of a professional card issued by the prefecture des hauts de seine.

Also, registered with SO.CAF (mutual guarantee company which issues to real estate professionals the financial guarantee required for the exercise of their activity), Avenue de Suffren Paris 15th, we benefit like any other real estate professional from a deposit and financial guarantee for its escrow accounts of €30,000, which is a legal obligation in the exercise of this profession. Clés en Main is also a member of the S.A.A. for its professional civil liability insurance with coverage amounting to €380,000.

No, because it is not in your interest. Your goal is to save time and rely on us. Searching concurrently would be detrimental to the success of the search; indeed, this can create a situation of mutual competition vis-à-vis the sellers and a lack of coherence and credibility vis-à-vis our interlocutors.

However, if you hear about something from people close to you, you can ask us to visit it, make a detailed report and an analysis in relation to the market and give you our advice.

If , however, you find a property by yourself without having done an "active search", you would still be liable for the Clés en Main’s fees, unless it seemed obvious that our services were of no help to you in your decision-making. In conclusion, you are only liable for transaction fees if we have genuinely helped you to acquire a property.