Sell your

at the maximum price for the market with ehics and kindness.

  • A fair appraisal

  • Efficient home staging

  • Mandatory diagnostics management

  • The realization of professional photos with a photographer specialized in Real Estate

  • A targeted sales strategy

  • Creation of your sales file: complete, transparent, rigorous, (title, town planning, conformity, Minutes of General Meeting, condominium trustee, etc.)

  • Relationships with buyers based on people

  • Regular monitoring of the agreement until the sale

  • A single trusted interlocutor, a conductor, throughout the sales process

Clés en Main guarantees you considerable time savings, a sale made at the maximum price, with a great peace of mind.

A fair appraisal

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For Clés en main, our sole objetive is to serve your interests, i.e. to sell at the highest price, and under good conditions. The highest price is the fair, non-negotiated price of a property sold quickly. Because it is when it appears on the market that your property benefits from maximum attractiveness and exclusivity. Indeed, buyers are ready to “overpay” for a property, to be sure of obtaining it. A relevant, consistent and justifiable price with buyers guarantees this maximum price and a short selling time.

Our approach is therefore the opposite of the "typical" approach of many agents who wish to obtain mandates at “any price” even if it means overestimating your property, to forget it for a while and then lower it drastically, even if it means losing all credibility vis-à-vis potential buyers…

Efficient home staging

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Home staging is when we sort out a few objects, to put you in a more concrete approach to selling, allowing new buyers to project themselves freely, and last but not least, to take professional photos worthy of a magazine!

We support this process: storage, advice and minor works if necessary. In this case, we bring in a contractor that we know well with the guarantee of short lead times and a reasonable price. Most of the time, the cost of home staging is zero because we already do enough work by arranging the space ourselves, with your agreement.

A targeted sales strategy and
a complete sales

We choose, in a targeted way, sales networks and ad broadcasts according to the profiles of potential buyers. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and a precise study carried out in advance, negotiation is easy with potential buyers.

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We remain in a position of strength and firm on the price, justified in a rational manner. The presentation of a complete file to buyers as soon as your property is put on the market (expenses, Minutes of General Meeting, work in progress, notarial deeds, certificate of conformity in the event of works, projects in progress, technical information, etc.) has a structuring and reassuring effect for your buyers and avoids any subject of subsequent renegotiation.

To complete our sales file very quickly, we take charge of the mandatory technical diagnostics and photos taken by a professional photographer specialized in real estate. The photos are sublime and remain a nice memory of your living place!


A personal and human relationship with the buyers allows us to discern whether their personal project and their financial situation are properly articulated with the acquisition of your property. Also, we are able to provide them with solutions adapted to their project in terms of financing, works, legal aid and logistics.

Vis-à-vis potential buyers, we establish a warm climate from the start thanks to the rigor of our work and our impeccable ethics.


Regular monitoring of the agreement up to the sale: our role is to retain your buyer and to be at their side to answer all their questions immediately until the final signature.

To do this, we strive to regularly reassure the buyer about the relevance of their choice and to follow them regularly during the questioning stage: when drafting the agreement, during the right-to-withdraw term, and, for obtaining the loan. We ensure close communication between notaries, buyers and sellers throughout the sales process.

You save considerable time by assigning a single point of contact to your sale, a “conductor” from start to finish on all issues, all visits and for the entire duration of your sale.


Fully invested in your trust and in that of buyers, we create a fluid and effective communication bridge between the two, leading to a peaceful sale, at the best price. Each mandate is a mission. We are fully committed

to it until full, complete, and rapid success.